VAT Planning

VAT is a complex part of tax accounting affecting most organisations.

VAT Planning

Value Added Tax is one of the most complex of taxes and requires careful planning to ensure that businesses do not under or overpay. We work closely with you to guide you through the ever increasing and changing legislation in this area.

VAT Specialists to Guide & Support Your Business

We can assist with the initial registration process, the selection of the most appropriate VAT scheme, advise on record keeping to ensure that the maximum amount of VAT is recovered and help with completion of returns.

VAT and Land and Property

We have helped many businesses to ensure these high-value transactions are structured correctly from a VAT perspective in order to ensure any eligible savings are made.  We are well-placed to guide your business through this area.  The complicated nature of VAT on land and property transactions means that calculating what you owe can be extremely difficult - but we are here to help.

VAT and Construction

We assist businesses in the construction sector pay and charge the correct rate of VAT whilst carrying out new build, refurbishment and mixed developments.

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