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Gone are the days of keeping accounts on paper or a spreadsheet – technological advances in cloud computing and software have allowed businesses to store their financial data in the cloud, making for faster, more streamlined processes.

Using cloud accounting software means that data will be more accurate, fast and loaded with a range of features that can be automated and customised – saving time and money. And what’s more, the data can be accessible to team members and financial advisors at the click of a button – backed up by bank-grade protection security.

Here at Bettridge & Co, our cloud accounting software service aim to fulfil our client’s requirements for a lower cost, higher quality alternative to employing their own accountant. We can tailor our Virtual CFO service to your specific needs, to include several optional services including board meeting attendance and corporate finance advice.

No matter your requirements, we can ensure you that moving to the cloud will help greatly in improving your accounting processes.

Why Use Cloud Accounting Service?

Our cloud accounting service will provide expert input into your financial meetings; adding us to your board keeps up business momentum – no more waiting until the end of the financial year before you talk with your accountants. Having our support at your monthly board meetings can make a real difference to the smooth running of your business.

Ask about our virtual CFO service. With many years’ experience helping numerous clients plan for the future, we know how to help you.

The benefits you can receive from our Virtual CFO include:

  • Accurate and timely reporting of financial performance each month. You and your staff will know how the business is performing; you will be alerted to potential problems earlier, so will have time to make necessary changes.
  • Budgeting and forecasting services, leading to action plans to drive your business forward.
  • More time for you to concentrate on the sales, marketing and operations of your business rather than being caught up in the routine finance function
  • Support as and when it is needed for you and your key staff to improve performance, whether by training, mentoring, or rapid feedback of results.
  • Improved credibility with your bankers as they will see that you have expertise and advice available on tap
  • With cloud accounting software, you can access your accounts at any time over the internet, so you can be reassured that you are in control of your data.
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Our Virtual Finance Department Service

As your business grows, so do the demands on your time. That’s why our Virtual Finance Department has been designed to take on the administrative burden that comes with running a company, allowing you to devote more time and energy to building your business.

Our accessible Virtual Finance Department acts as an extension of your in-house team. From payroll to bookkeeping, we will tailor our services to the needs of your enterprise - whether it is owner-managed, an SME or part of a larger company.

With our virtual accounting services, you can choose from the following services to allow you to focus on operations:

  • Payroll (including our secure employee payslip portal also available as a mobile app).
  • Workplace pension administration (including pension scheme choice, employee communication, re-enrolment).
  • Purchase Ledger/Accounts Payable management (providing you with regular updates of cash commitments).
  • Credit control / sales ledger management (our experience team can help improve your business cashflow)
  • Monthly management reporting (quick and efficient information to help you run your business).
Bettridge & Co

Our cloud accounting software.

Our online accountants utilise Xero – a leading provider of cloud accountancy software worldwide. The benefits that we can provide through the use of Xero’s technology, include:

  • Work where (and when) you want to. Regardless of the device you’re using (be it a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone), Xero’s software can work seamlessly on all platforms, allowing you the ability to keep up with your business finances wherever you are.
  • Get paid faster/improve cash flow. Instead of spending time drawing up an invoice (either on paper or as a PDF), you can use online invoices to cut down on the time it takes you to get paid. Online invoices allow a client to pay the invoice directly as soon as they receive it – making the process of getting paid even faster than before.
  • Save (even more) time on repetitive tasks. Xero can further streamline the time it takes you to do your accounts by performing many of the tedious, repetitive tasks that take you away from doing things that will add value to the business. As an example, Xero’s automated invoice reminders can chase up payments for you – instead of spending time finding out which of your clients aren’t up to date with their payments (and then contacting them), the software sends an e-mail to them if an invoice is (or is about to be) overdue. This is just one of many examples of the time-saving benefits provided by Xero’s cloud accounting software.
  • Integrate with your existing systems and software. The easy-to-use nature of Xero is exemplified in its ability to be used with more than 500 products; creating a solution for your every need. Xero can be integrated with services such as Gmail or Office 365, or even in specialised systems, such as customer relationship management, inventory or industry-specific solutions (Vend, Shopify, etc).

Sound good? Then why not consider getting in touch with our cloud accountants today to learn more?

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